Welcome to my video portfolio.

Here, you will find some of my best and favourite video work.

Videography is a more recent passion of mine than photography and what I love about it is its complexity. Basic rules of photography like composition, exposition, do apply. But there are so many other parameters to take into account that, when I started my business, I challenged myself to learn how to make videos. Here, you will, therefore, find some of my recent and favourite video work.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

La Plante du Loup – Growlers

I’ve recently worked for a new beer cellar in Lyon 7 called La Plante du Loup. They wanted two videos, one of which should be a 15 second-video showing that they do have growlers and how these growlers work. Not so easy to do within 15 seconds! 🙂

Soirée ABC – Anne Prost x Le Grand Réfectoire

Anne Prost often puts together networking events at amazing places in Lyon. She asked me to make a video of her event at Le Grand Réfectoire and L’Officine, respectively a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Very tough conditions, notably because of the really low light, but I have the right gear at my disposal to face these problems.

City of Lights – Fête des Lumières 2018 in Lyon, France

Last November I asked my good friend Alex Jackson if he’d like to produce a video of the Fête des Lumières with me, which is an amazing annual light festival in Lyon. He accepted, so we shot almost every night of the festival and worked on the edit together to showcase this fantastic event through our vision. The result is a simple, beautiful video, of which I am quite proud.

Wine planting in the Beaujolais region, France

I love all the food universe, and wine is a rather important part of it. Vine planting is quite important for winemakers as these vines will produce grapes for the next 40 to 80 years! Therefore, there is this whole fascinating process to make sure the vines are all planted in a strict straight line, at regular intervals, etc. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to document that.

Launch party – Lyon City Map

Sophie TRAN of Agence Calissi and Lyoncandoit has made, in collaboration with Pramax, a beautiful city map which locates her 9 favorite spots in Lyon. She kindly asked me to make a video of the launch party. The brief was simple: show the place(at Hyppairs, it’s quite easy as the place is gorgeous!), good mood, and the Lyon City Map.

La Plante du Loup – presentation video

Second video of about 15-30 seconds for la Plante du Loup to show the place, the concept, the owners, etc. Good mood, smiles, laughter, good beer, a beautiful place… What else?

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