Where it all
came from.

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” James Baldwin
To better explain who I am, I have to go way back.

You know the story of that kid who gets good grades at school, so everyone around him tells him he should become an engineer? And as it sounds cool and makes for a comfortable living, the kid just listens and agrees? Even though he knows, deep down, that this is not the right path for him? Well, that’s me.

Problem is : I’ve always been the creative type. I’ve always been fascinated by art and beauty. I’ve always drawn, sketched, doodled during class or at home. My love for music is just inexplicable. I cannot live without it. So much so that I played a few instruments in my life : the violin for a couple of years, the guitar for another couple, and the bass – the best instrument in the world – for about a decade. Oh, right, there was the flute at school, too.

After 3 lengthy years at university, I became a mechanical designer. A job I just hated. But what I find funny today, is that being creative and resourceful is a huge part of the job, and the mechanical solutions I came up with were really outside the box, but mechanically silly. I knew then that this was not for me.

How I got into photography.

Fast forward a little bit, until my moving to São Paulo in 2009.

I’d recently picked up a very basic camera, a Canon EOS 350D if you must know. 8 Megapixels. A beast ! Anyway, I started teaching myself photography by trial and error, watching tutorials on YouTube and whatnot. Shortly later I got a contract with a small communication agency to photograph concerts, nightclub parties, events sponsored and/or organised by Budweiser Brazil. I haven’t stopped photographing since then.

What I do today.

Since January 2018, I am thrilled to say that I have fully committed to photography ! Prior to that, it had always been extra, something I did alongisde my main job for many reasons. It has finally turned into my main job and I could not be happier.

I am currently working on a few personal projects and developing my client base both in photography and videography.