Last November, my wife and I went on a trip to Milan.

Today, for Valentine’s Day, I put together a short travel video to sum up our trip.

This photo shows my wife standing on the Duomo in Milan, Italy. I also posted this photo on Instagram, in case you want to go and see it.

In November 2017, my wife and I went on a trip to Milan for her birthday. I kind of decided then that I was going to make a short travel video about it. It would be just for us, to remember all the cool things we did. I decided I would tell the story from the beginning to the end, so I began shooting as we were leaving our home on our way to the bus station. However, the weather got very bad on the first few days, so I really got discouraged and almost abandoned the whole idea. Shooting became less and less fun, and I almost stopped filming altogether. I took the decision to mainly make the most of the trip and spend quality time with my wife.

I almost gave up making my travel video.

We came back, a few months went by and I really thought I was never going to make anything of all the videos I made on the trip. But this was until today.

It is Valentine’s Day and my wife’s in Brazil, so the best way I thought of to do something nice for her was to make this video.

I had never seen the footage I had shot, this was my first time ever making a travel video, and I had only a day to do it. Actually, it was less than a day because I started doing it at about 11AM.

So, here it is! My first ever travel video! Made in a day, with shaky footage, lots of flickering, no color grading. It is what it is: an amazing way for my wife and I to remember this trip. 🙂