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Here are a few of my best architecture, interior design & real estate photographs.

My love for architecture.

Only a few people actually know that I wanted to be an architect when I was younger. At the end of high school, I got an internship in an architect’s office. As a youngster, I couldn’t wait to start to learn how to design, draw, and create amazing architectural pieces!

Of course, I got so disappointed when I realised the designing aspect is only a tiny part of being an architect. Much like taking photographs is only a very small part of being a photographer. After that, I changed my mind and decided I wouldn’t want to work as an architect anymore.

Today, I am a photographer and videographer who shoots architecture, interior design, and real estate. In a way, I suppose I got the best of both worlds!

How I work.

As you will see here as well as on Instagram or Facebook, I absolutely love long exposure photography. Especially when it comes to photographing architecture. I just think it is the perfect match! To me, the soft streaks of clouds help enhance the hard lines of the buildings I am shooting. This creates a contrast and mood that I am really fond of.

For most of my architectural work, I use a unique technique called time blending. It consists in setting up the camera on a tripod and not touching it for a couple of hours, while shooting the same scene in different light conditions. This enables me to capture each and every part of the scene in the best light possible. I then blend them together in Photoshop to get one perfectly exposed photograph.

Let us work together?

If you work on an architectural project and like the photos below, do not hesitate to contact me so we can work together.

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