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Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to take a panorama?

Hey guys, what is up?

About a year ago, I wrote that article about How To Take Panoramas. My intention at that point was to make a thorough tutorial since the shooting, through the post-processing, to the final image. I think it was pretty nice, and until a little while ago, I think the technique I exposed was one of the easiest ones around. However, I have come across a new technique, which works wonders. It makes the most of a feature that was - I suppose - added to Photoshop recently. Perhaps it already existed before, I'm not 100% sure at all. Anyway, I found out about it recently, and as it is a huge improvement on that other way to make panoramas, I felt like introducing it to you. So here we go. Let's imagine you already have the photos for your panorama, ok? Now, open the post-processing software of your preference, edit the photos to your liking AND remove any vignetting and distortion that result from the lens you used during the shoot. I use Lightroom and the Lens correction profiles they have, that just work fantastically. Imagine how aligning many vignetted/distorted images would be nightmarish?

Now, extract your panorama photographs and open them all in Photoshop. Once that's done, you have pretty much nothing left to do. Go to File / Automate / Photomerge... I'm not sure why, but that term sort of frightens me a little. Hit "Add open file" and "OK".

Now, unless you like staring at progress boxes never advancing - ok, not never - I suggest you go get a cup of coffe and something to eat because that's the perfect amount of time for Photoshop to do everything, trust me on that one! When you'll be back, you'll have all your photos perfectly aligned and merged. Your panorama is ready. Ok, not completely. There's still some tweaking to do. First, what I do is merge all the layers (ctrl+alt+E on Windows). Then, I usually crop the image, mainly in order to remove the missing parts, and also so that the final frame is according to what I had in mind in the first place. Then, if there are still missing areas, you can try selecting them and use the "Fill with content aware" tool (Edit / Fill... / Content-Aware in the drop-down menu), which will smartly fill your selection with what is around it, I believe. And I guess this is it. Your beautiful panorama is done! :))

But for you my fellas, I created a diagram with all the steps you need to make your panorama. You can even print it out, as it's in A4 format.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and good luck for your panorama shooting!


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